Fully automatic scanning of your entire microfiche archive



The SI SCAN-105 simplifies the access to your microfilm archive and optimizes the processes in your company. Here, the best reader-printers philosophy is transferred to the year 2015, by connecting the possibilities of modern technology with innovative software solutions.

With the SI SCAN-105 all common Microfiche formats can be scanned quickly, saved to memory stick, printed, or sent via e-mail.

Mobile and easy to use

The compact design of the SI SCAN-105 is easy to implement at different locations without time-consuming installation procedures. The intuitive and user-friendly software is easy to operate for every employee after a quick training.

No rescanning with the new Virtual-Rescan-Technology

Multiple rescans and time-consuming readjustments are over. Now, with the SI SCAN-105 you can scan an image only once and adjust all image parameters, such as brightness, contrast, deskew and cropping. Once the image is captured you can send the image via email, share online, or print.

Major advantages of the SI SCAN-105

The SI SCAN-105 will greatly increase your organizations flexibility. You will achieve fast and easy access to your analog microfiche. One can easily transport the scanner to different locations and new users can operate without extensive training.


Technical Specifications and Options:

Resolution and exposure:
- Scan time: 1-2 seconds per image
- Scan resolution: up to 300 dpi
- Scan modes: color, grayscale, or bitonal
- Reduction formats: 25x - 50x, slides and negatives
- File formats: JPEG, TIFF G4, uncompressed TIFF, PDF

Software Features:
- Fast pre-scan for all kinds of microfiche
- Adjustable brightness and contrast
- De-skewing and cropping
- Image display in live view mode
- Fully automatic scanning of the entire microfiche
- User friendly software (Windows)

- SI SCAN-105
- Application software
- PC workstation (optional)

- W: 60 cm
- D: 50 cm
- H: 32 cm


How does it work? Look at the video 



SI SCAN-105 - Fully automatic scanning of your entire microfiche archive




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